Red Wine

Red Wine


AMARONE – Cantine di Soave

It is a Veneto wine. Amarone is still produced in an artisanal form following an ancient tradition which provides for the drying of the best grapes for a few months; followed by aging in oak barrels. It has a rich aroma of cherry and small red fruits, with a final note of chocolate. It is perfect to accompany roasts, game and aged cheeses. 14,5%vol.

€ 35.00

Foto di AMARONE – Lamberti

AMARONE – Lamberti

A completely artisanal processing method with the drying of its grapes. A generous red, rich in history, with a full and velvety taste. A higher level wine to be combined with strong and full-bodied dishes. 15,5%vol.

€ 30.00

Foto di BARBERA D’ASTI – Conti Buneis

BARBERA D’ASTI – Conti Buneis

The purple ruby ​​of the ripe grapes stands out in the color. The flavor above all is harmony, softness, then the body and the balance of a sumptuous red. Fresh and enveloping, it is ideal for white and red meats, game and medium-aged cheeses. 13%vol.

€ 10.00

Foto di BAROLO – Duchessa Lia

BAROLO – Duchessa Lia

With an intense red color, tending to garnet with aging, it has a floral and fruity bouquet, with spicy notes and hints of worked leather. Full-bodied and rightly tannic wine, it goes well with important second courses such as braised meats, fassone fillets, grilled lamb. 14%vol.

€ 30.00



The meticulous selection of the grapes is followed by vinification with the maceration of the skins at a controlled temperature in combined steel and wood Horizon vats, which lasts about 10 – 12 days. The wine ages for 2 years 70% in French oak barrels (60 – 90 hl) and 30% in French oak barriques (3.5 hl); during this period scrupulous checks are carried out, up to the refinement in the bottle which lasts for 8-12 months. Characterized by a sweet, rich and complex perfume of fruit jam. A wine with a great structure which is well balanced by a good roundness and final acidity. Extremely persistent and with excellent aging potential. 14%vol.

€ 35.00



This wine, considered the King of Italian wines, is produced with Sangiovese grapes following the historic specification. Its climate, its history, its lands and the culture of Montalcino make it unique.14%vol.

€ 38.00

Foto di CHIANTI D.O.C.G. – Melini

CHIANTI D.O.C.G. – Melini

Winery founded in 1705, it is a soft and round wine, pleasant and with character. It goes well with tasty dishes. It is recommended to serve on 18/20°C. 13,5% vol.

€ 8.00

Foto di FIDELIS – Cantina del Taburno

FIDELIS – Cantina del Taburno

Aglianico grapes with a red color, characterized by notes of red fruits, tobacco and black pepper. It has a soft taste with well-melted tannins and a persistent finish with spicy aromas. 13% vol.

€ 10.00

Foto di GRAGNANO – Cantine Mariano SabatinoGRAGNANO – Cantine Mariano Sabatino

GRAGNANO – Cantine Mariano Sabatino

With a bright ruby ​​color, embellished with a lively foam. Born from the slopes of Vesuvius and all its inimitable frankness shines through. An engaging wine with a sweet taste. 11,5% vol.

€ 9.00

Foto di LACRYMA CHRISTI – Mastroberardino

LACRYMA CHRISTI – Mastroberardino

Lacryma Christi of Vesuvio Rosso D.O.C. It is a fine wine, obtained with grapes from Piedirosso and Aglianico vines grown on the slopes of the volcano. Its intense ruby ​​color has violet reflections and the perfume is reminiscent of violet flowers, which are accompanied by notes of licorice and noble woods. It has a pleasant taste, great structure and softness. 12,5% vol.

€ 15.00



Intense red color and dry taste. Ideal with seasoned first courses, with meats and game. 12,5% vol.

€ 8.00

Foto di NEBBIOLO D’ALBA – Duchessa Lia

NEBBIOLO D’ALBA – Duchessa Lia

Noble and robust Piedmontese wine, with a ruby ​​red color tending to garnet. Recommended with red meats and rich in flavor. Uncork the bottle and allow it to oxygenate to enhance the unmistakable aroma. 13,5%vol.

€ 15.00

Foto di PRIMITIVO – Baglio al sole

PRIMITIVO – Baglio al sole

Intense red color with purple reflections. Complex bouquet with notes of ripe fruit and spices, a full-bodied wine ideal for meat dishes, game and mature cheeses. 14%vol.

€ 8.00

Foto di PRIMITIVO SUD – Feudi di San Marzano

PRIMITIVO SUD – Feudi di San Marzano

It is produced with pure Primitivo grapes, harvested and carefully selected by hand. The Primitivo di Manduria by Feudi di San Marzano has a bright ruby ​​red color. The nose opens with elegant notes of cherry and strawberry, enriched with pleasant hints of sweet spices. In the mouth it is mineral and balanced, with soft tannins that accompany towards a warm and fruity finish. Ideal in combination with grilled red and white meats, this Primitivo is perfect to accompany roasts and aged cheeses. 14%vol.

€ 15.00

Foto di RUBRATO AGLIANICO – Feudi di San Gregorio

RUBRATO AGLIANICO – Feudi di San Gregorio

Irpinia is surprising for the authenticity and richness of its territory where vineyards have always coexisted with fruit trees, woods and aromatic herbs. Here Rubrato is born, bright red, fruity and soft, which expresses all the pleasantness of Aglianico in its youth. 13,5%vol.

€ 15.00

Foto di TAURASI – Feudi di San Gregorio

TAURASI – Feudi di San Gregorio

The ancient village and the hills of Taurasi are a world-class wine oasis. Here Aglianico finds its ideal territory – uncontaminated, volcanic, impenetrable – giving life to a full and balanced wine, with clear sensations of small red fruits and licorice. Aged for 18 months in wood. 14%vol.

€ 25.00